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We will send our our glamping site setup checklist and the holy grail of starting a glamping business – our glamping business setup plan document.


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Glamping Business Setup

There are a few things you need in place to start up your own glamping business:

  • Planning Permission – Yes, you need this
  • Land – you need land to put them on
  • Funding – you need access to funding to pay for the site works and pods
  • Passion – you need to be excited about your new business!

Have all of the above? Get in touch with our professionals today to arrange your free advice call.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Professional Advice

We will give you free professional advice on starting your glamping business from guys that have done it before!

Next Steps

We will map out the next steps for starting your glamping business. From conception to completion.

Insightful Ideas

We have thought of it all with glamping so we will be able to steer you to your new glamping site!

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