Glamping Project Management

Glamping Project Management

If you're not hand's on, this is for you

Glamping Project Management

If you are looking to get your glamping site built but maybe don’t have the most construction knowledge or experience.

We can manage your glamping project from start to finish, employing contractors, controlling quality on site and making sure timescale targets are upheld.

The build of your site can set you apart from the rest. Especially if you have communal areas like decking and places for people to barbecue. 

Selecting the finishes (type of decking, makeup of footpaths etc) and ensuring they are up to scratch when installed is one of the important parts of glamping project management.


Glamping Project Management Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to our glamping project management benefits:

  1. Get your project build right
  2. Ensure contractors’ work is up to scratch
  3. Select the best materials for your glamping site
  4. Have a hand’s off build experience
  5. Have professionals take care of the build for you
  6. Ensure your site build matches your glamping planning permission application 
  7. Ensure timescales are met
  8. Ensure your glamping site is as good as it possibly can be


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Glamping Project Management is one of a number of services Glampitect offer. To find out for about these services, head to the How to Start a Glamping Business page of our website where you can read all about them!

You can also read more about some of our the projects we have worked on in our Glampite Site Affiliates page.

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