Start a Glamping Business

How to Start a Glamping Business

Starting a glamping business has 9 distinct steps, split into groups of 3. The first group is the planning stage, the second is the build stage and the third is the online stage. There is also 1 pre-start step – the feasibility study.

To start a successful glamping business, each of these steps needs to be carried out well, including, if not especially the online stages.

See each of the steps to start a glamping business just below or jump a bit further down the page to get a bit more detail.


  1. Glamping Feasibility Study
  2. Glamping Initial Concept Design
  3. Glamping Pre-Planning Applications 
  4. Glamping Full Planning Applications
  5. Glamping Services Design & Applications
  6. Glamping Building Warrant Applications
  7. Glamping Project Management
  8. Glamping Website Design & Build
  9. Glamping Social Media Setup & Management
  10. Glamping Marketing & Branding

Initial Concept Design

This is the best bit! We work with you to come up with a concept that you love. We plan the layout of your glamping pods and site features.

Pre-Planning Applications

When it starts to get real... pre-planning is when your site design gets submitted to planning to see if it is a feasible idea. We can take care of this.

Full Planning Applications

A crucial part of any glamping site design process. We design and submit your full package for your glamping site design.

Services Design & Applications

This can often be one of the trickiest parts. Having service engineering experience in our team is great here. We can apply for all services for you.

Building Warrant Applications

Another crucial part of any glamping site design. We take care of applications to building control for drainage building warrants.

Project Management

Now it's really real. We take your glamping site design from concept to construction. We can get as involved as the project requires.

Website Design & Build

Sometimes this can get overlooked by glamping sites. Websites are extremely important for any business in 2019. We can take care of this.

Social Media Packages

Is social media a bit confusing for you? We can take care of setup, management and content posting. A social media turnkey solution!

Marketing & Branding

Another part of glamping sites that can sometimes get overlooked. People can only come and stay with you if they know about you.

Glamping Feasibility Study

A great start to your new glamping business is to complete a glamping feasibility study. This will analyse various aspects of your potential glamping business and site from the planning probability to demand and return on investment.

This can be carried out by yourself or you can get a professional in to do this. They are generally pretty low cost and are a very wise investment considering they help you to understand; the attainability of planning, demand in the area & an estimate of possible profit for your potential glamping business is without jumping in and splashing out money and time on a full glamping planning application

There are an abundance of benefits to a glamping feasibility study. You can read about them and order yourself a study on our glamping feasibility study page.


Glamping Initial Concept Design

Our initial glamping concept design packages are for people that are quite confident they like the idea of a glamping site but don’t really know how best to lay it out.

This can often lead on from a glamping site visit or feasibility study completed by Glampitect.

This services will lay out the key fundamentals of your site – your site boundaries, the optimal location and layout for your pods or shepherd huts, where the parking is, where any buildings or communal areas are and so on.

This will give you a good idea of how your site will look and how many pods you’ll be able to put on before going any further!


Glamping Pre-Planning Application

This tends to be the smartest way to progress your glamping journey. Glamping Pre-Planning is essentially a package with one or two drawings of your potential site and a supporting document that is submitted to your local council. They do not approve or reject at this stage, they simply advise.

The council will advise on around 15 different points, some of the most important are drainage, road planning and noise control. They will then conclude on whether or not you are likely to be successful should you proceed to a full glamping planning permission submission

This advice will shape your full planning application and therefore site, to give you the best chance of achieving planning permission.


Glamping Full Planning Application

Glamping planning permission can be a daunting prospect when starting a glamping business. Some people don’t even know you need planning permission for a glamping site (are you one of them?). The fact of the matter is you need full planning permission for your glamping site unless you meet one of two unlikely criteria that we will discuss later in this page.

So what does full glamping planning permission involve? In short, it is a pretty big set of drawings covering the site layout, elevations and cross sections, drainage design, road planning and sometimes some others. It also includes design and access statements, market research documents and sometimes more!



Glamping Services Applications

Pretty much every glamping site will need a water supply. Even if you are opting for pods that do not have shower, toilet or kitchen in them. The likelihood is that in this instance, you will need to put in a shared toilet block.

In fact, just about the only time a new water supply isn’t required is when there is existing infrastructure in place, for example a toilet block on an existing campsite. Even then it may not have the capacity and new water is required.

Glampitect can take the hassle out of dealing with your local water supplier by dealing with the application for you. This offers you a completely hands off solution for obtaining the necessary water supply to your site.

We also complete drainage applications, however these tend to be part of a full glamping planning application.


Glamping Building Warrant Applications

So it sounds scarier than it is, honest. Building warrants can be a bit of a pain, one of our team has been submitting applications for them since the start of his career and some of them have been tricky.

Now the good news, building warrant applications for glamping sites are fairly basic. Building Control are only interested in your drainage installation and any walls you have built above 600mm in height.

Building control will require detailed drawings of any installation on your site. They will then perform an inspection to confirm that the installation matches the drawing. Following this a Building Warrant will be issued.

Building Warrant Applications are generally not too involved, however they are a prerequisite for any successful glamping business, so are important to get right (assuming you have drainage or a wall that needs a warrant). Some sites may be exempt, ask us if you think yours might be.


Glamping Project Management

If you are facing the build stage of you glamping site, without much construction experience or knowledge, we can advise and even manage it for you.

We can manage your glamping project from start to finish, employing contractors, controlling quality on site and making sure timescale targets are upheld.

The build of your site can set you apart from the rest. Especially if you have communal areas like decking and places for people to barbecue. 

Selecting the finishes (type of decking, makeup of footpaths etc) and ensuring they are up to scratch when installed is one of the important parts of glamping project management.


Glamping Website Design & Channel Manager Setup

Your website is one of the most important assets your glamping business can have. Over 80% of Britons’ holidays last year were booked online. Imagine turning down 80% of customers!

We have written an article on this – 9 Reasons Every Glamping Site Needs a Great Website – well worth a read!

At Glampitect, we design and build glamping websites from scratch.

We have attended courses and worked with Google to find out exactly what makes customers tick and book with you.

We create websites that flow well, linking to the final booking page to maximise your bookings all year round!

See some examples of websites we have created:

North Coast 500 Pods

Cairnfold Cabins


Glamping Social Media

Social media isn’t taking over, it’s TAKEN OVER. We are in an age where social media is really imperative to any business that wants to be successful. Glamping businesses are no exception.

There are over a billion people active on Facebook and over 100 million active on Instagram. All those people are accessible for free. What a resource.

72% of today’s purchases are based on social media influence. That is absolutely astronomical.

A good Facebook and Instagram page simply will pay dividends in terms of bookings. We know that North Coast 500 Pods have generated £4,000 of bookings directly from Facebook in 5 months, that’s almost £1,000 a month!

You can see in the adjacent image, 16,000 of North Coast 500 Pods visitors over the last 6 months have been from social media, incredible!


Glamping Marketing & Branding

Getting marketing and branding right is ones of the most important things for any business wanting to be successful, not just glamping businesses.

When you hear the words Coca Cola, what do you think?

  1. Red and white
  2. Santa’s sleigh at Christmas

That’s marketing and branding. Well actually it’s branding and marketing if we’re going in order.

Red and white is the brand, as soon as someone mentions Coca Cola they know it, when they see the colours in the shop, they know it’s ‘Coke’.

Satnta’s sleigh at Chrismas is marketing, they invoke emotions of happiness through Christmas and Santa and get people to associate that with their product. Cleaver, right?


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