Glamping Site Case Studies

Glamping Sites We’ve Worked With

North Coast 500 Pods

We have completed the full range of work for North Coast 500 Pods from glamping planning permission to project management. See a list of completed works for NC500Pods:

  1. Pre-Planning Application
  2. Full Planning Applicaiton
  3. Website Design & Channel Manager Setup
  4.  Build Project Management
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Social Media Management
Essentially we did  the full package for them. This has lead to hem having 75% occupancy in their first year with year 2 looking even busier!
Glapmping pods outside night lighting
Cairnfold Cabins Glamping Website

Cairnfold Cabins

Cairnfold Cabins came to us after being recommended by one of our affiliated manufacturers – Lune Valley Pods.

They had already almost completed their build and needed some online assistance.

We created a fantastic website with automated booking system so they can take bookings whilst they sleep and are available to book on:

  1. Their Own Site
  3. Expedia
  4. AirBnb
  5. TripAdvisor
  6. Google

Lane’s End Pods

We completed a Pre-Planning application for Lane’s End Pods in Slapton. This will likely progress to a Full Planning application as time progresses.

We first met the owners at the Glamping Show 2019 and managed to advise them on their potential site before we went ahead and started work on their site.

Being in an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) we had to be very mindful of the design to ensure it complied with all relevant regulations.

This ongoing project is hopeful of opening in early 2021 following on from the design and build work.

Again pods will be provided by Lune Valley Pods, this time a combination of their Mega Pods and Apartment Pods.

glamping site case studies, Lane end road designs
glamping site case studies

Aberlour Pods

Another site we agreed to work with following on from our help and advice to them at the Glamping Show 2019. Quite a long way from Lane’s End Pods however, which are in the South of England!
This application comprises 2 separate sites a few hundred meters apart.
We have some basic pods with a barbecue area on one site and 2 apartment pods on the other.
This Full Planning application is taking place as we speak and is another site we target an early 2021 open for!

North Coast 500 Pods 2

After the outstanding success of the first year of North Coast 500 Pods first site, they decided a second site.

This new project is again on the North Coast 500, where NC500 Pods aim to have a site every 100 miles within 5 years.

Currently at planning stage, we completed the Pre-Planning application and plan to have the Full Planning Application submitted soon.

With a targeted opening of Spring 2020, this is a very fast moving project that we are loving being involved with!

We will complete all the works for the design as well as the online launch for NC500 Pods 2 to ensure they have a very fast start when opening!

Glamping site case studies

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