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We wanted a glamping pod site and we could not find a site designer to do our planning permission for glamping pods, sound familiar?

In April 2017 one of our founders, Calum MacLeod, came into control of a plot of land on the North Coast 500 and decided glamping pods were the most exciting thing to put on it. 

He spent some time looking for a glamping site designer but there were no specialists in the UK. There were some architects that would do planning permission for glamping pods, however none of them seemed interested in the work. 

Calum has a background in design, consultancy and CAD and thus he decided to design his glamping pod site himself.

planning permission for glamping pods site

Calum went to work designing the pre-planning submission for the site. Planning permission for glamping came natural to him, partly based to his CAD and design experience. 

The other important aspect was that he was firmly in touch with the wants and needs of the end consumer. 

This glamping pod site included for 4 state-of-the-art glamping pods with a communal area for a barbecue and fire pit.

In general a communal area is a fantastic idea, it allows people to meet up and chill out.

In fact, fast forward to today, now that the site is complete, the communal area is the sites unique selling point and definitely one of the main reasons people come to stay!


planning permission for glamping pods

Calum and Alisdair came together to complete the design of the the site and start the build. 

Following on from the successful design and build process, the guys realised that they could help lots of people that are currently in the same position as Calum was – struggling to find someone to do the planning permission for glamping pods that he wanted.

For every problem there is a solution and we believe Glampitect is the solution for everyone looking for planning permission for glamping pods.

You can see more of the site Calum and Alisdair designed for themselves by clicking here.

To find out more about our story or to have a chat about your own site design, contact us today!


planning permission for glamping pods complete

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